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Brabant Surface Technologies

Who are we?

Brabant Surface Technologies (BST) is a consortium of three companies in the Dutch province called “Noord Brabant”. Together we offer a wide range of tailored solutions for surface treatment, with a focus on the aviation industry. This unique combination leads to the availability of specialisms in all aspects: from preparatory treatment and material protection to quality inspection and quality improvement of aircraft components.

What do we do?

We offer the best solutions for process optimisation in surface treatment. Working closely with the client we have an extremely effective approach in which our clients’ requirements and their specifications are paramount.

Our approach

BST designs and develops processes and complete installations, with all accessories. We deliver these as a turnkey installation and we fully supervise their implementation. BST’s installations meet the highest quality requirements which are set at international level. In order to do this we apply the highest standards in the design phase and make use of automation and robotics where possible.


Maintaining a clean environment is our yardstick for everything we do: we go beyond simply meeting the legal requirements. We regard recycling as extremely important, both in terms of processes and apparatus.

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Our specialisms

A complete array


From blast cleaning and preparing metal components to ultrasonic cleaning of high-tech precision elements.


Protecting metal items against corrosion and the influence of weather using blasting and coating techniques like galvanising, nickel plating and chrome plating.

Cleaning and inspection: NDT

Detecting material defects in (for example) aircraft components using non-destructive testing methods (NDT). This method gives a good impression of the quality of the components.

Quality improvement: Shot peening

Extending the lifespan of aircraft and other machine components by means of shot peening. Sometimes it is even possible to completely negate metal fatigue.

Full Service in surface treatment

specialisms in surface treatment

BST: Innovative partner in business

In recent decades we have developed a great deal of knowhow in relation to the highly critical process specifications which are set by engine and aircraft OEMs. So it is hardly surprising that our innovations in surface treatment form a crucial step in their production processes.

BST’s installations are particularly suitable for clients who wish to satisfy the requirements of NADCAP, AS9100, FAA and EASA, among others.

The emphasis with BST’s installations is on preserving quality: processes of a repetitive nature are therefore automated wherever possible. This guarantees the best and most consistent quality at the lowest cost. Throughout the process, continuous process control remains possible due to the monitoring and recording of data.

BST has access to an international network of sales outlets and manufacturers based worldwide.

BST’s partners


Straaltechniek International B.V.

Innovator in the area of shot peening and high-end blasting.


Servicing Europe NDT (Sendt) B.V.

Solution provider for high-end cleaning non-destructive testing techniques (NDT).


Techniek B.V.

Galvanising and coating specialists and supplier of complete machines, installations and accessories.